Basic 35mm Photo Guide
For Beginning Photographers (Revised and Updated)
By Craig Alesse
Amherst Media, Inc. ISBN 0-936262-51-6
© 1997
178 Pages, 9 1/4 x 8 1/4, Black&White, Softback

Skill Levels: Beginner
Appropriate for: Beginner through Intermediate

Major Sections/Chapters Include:
1. Introduction 2. How to Hold Your Camera 3. 35mm Film 4. Loading and Unloading 5. Camera Adjustments 6. Basic Exposure 7. Semi-Automatic Cameras 8. Automatic 35mm Cameras 9. Lenses 10. Lens and Camera Care 11. Lens Accessories 12. Flash Photography 13. Available Light 14. Composition­the rules?

This is an excellent book for you if you just got your first 35mm camera, or if you are just starting to learn how to use your 35mm camera to its full potential. The order of chapters is generally in the order in which a beginning photographer would need to learn as he or she learns to use the camera. The author explains the basics of photographic technique in clear, concise language with lots of photographs for illustrative purposes.

Some particularly helpful photos are ones of a lens set to different f-stops so the reader can see the relationship between f-stop and lens opening. Another series of photos illustrate ranges of depth of field and shows the f-stop that led to each result. And others show the effects of slow and fast shutter speed in photos of moving objects.

The abundance of visual aids will help even the greenest photographer quickly learn the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in using a 35mm camera. This book will prepare the reader for rapid advancement in photography skills and will prepare him or her for more advanced texts in a short time. The book closes with six "Suggestions.... for Beginning Photographers" that give very good basic tips for improving ones photographs.


David E. Price