Digital Photography Answers!
Certified Tech Support
By Dave Johnson
ISBN 0-07-211884-9
© 1999
542 Pages, 7 1/4 x 9 1/4, Black&White, Softback

Skill Levels: Not specified
Appropriate for: Beginner through Intermediate

Major Sections/Chapters Include:
1 Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions; 2 Choosing a Camera; 3 Understanding the Features of Your Digital Camera; 4 Using a Scanner; 5 Taking Pictures; 6 Subjects; 7 Lighting and Flash; 8 Taking Closeups; 9 Using Peripherals and Accessories; 10 Storing Images; 11 Image Editing; 12 Beyond Basic Image Editing; 13 Projects for Your Digital Images; 14 Distributing Images; 15 Using Your Digital Images on the Internet; 16 Digital Photography and Copyright Law; 17 Printing; 18 Digital Video

Most chapters have sub-sections.

I wish I had read this book BEFORE I bought my first digital camera. The section on features and functions that are must-haves or highly desirable in your digital camera is very good. Heeding the author's advice in this area will almost certainly ensure that you will be happy with the camera you chose and that the camera will do what you need it to do.

The book is laid out in a question and answer format, with questions grouped into related subject areas. The areas on choosing a camera and understanding the features of your camera are especially good. Many sections refer the reader to other sections for related subjects or for more information about the same subject.

The photography technique sections are written from a tech support perspective rather than from the perspective of a professional photographer, which is appropriate given the subtitle. The camera and photography subject coverage in general is good, with lots of photos and diagrams for clarification.

However, I think the computer and image manipulation areas are weak. Although the cover promises that the author will help you "Learn how the pros do it" the book barely mentions either Macintosh or Adobe Photoshop (and neither are listed as such in the index). This is in spite of the fact that six separate Microsoft products are featured in the index. Although I know creative professionals who use tools in addition to Macintosh and Photoshop, the majority use both, and I personally know none who fail to use either one or the other. Because of these shortcomings, I feel the author doesn't fully deliver on his promise.

In my opinion, the average home or small business graphics or photography user (with no full time corporate computer support staff to fix problems) would be much better off with the ease of use and low maintanence mainstream graphics products such as the Macintosh operating system and Adobe Photoshop.


David E. Price