Is there Hope for back pain Neuropathy Sufferers?

There are millions of people who live with neuropathic pain. That’s because neuropathy has no proven cure. You can only use therapies that are there and hope to feel better after that. As you explore different cures, do not ignore neuropathy vitamins and herbs. These are used in traditional medicine. Some herbs have been used for centuries and are still useful today. If your neuropathy is in the starting stages, it can improve through vitamins and herbs.

But if it is established, you might need to use more than just supplements. What if you have back neuropathy? There are treatments you specifically require to completely heal your pain. One of these is electrotherapy or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulations (TENS). The physician will place a device on top of your skin that will emit a low amount of electric current. The electric pulses will control your nerve pain. If you don’t respond well to TENS, your doctor might result to surgical methods. These include implant systems or nerve blocks.

They are placed around your spinal cord area and are injected with pain relief medication. Besides TENS and implantable systems, you might require psychological and occupational therapy to cope better with pain. Sometimes the physician will apply a comprehensive pain management and rehabilitation method. This is because chronic back pain due to neuropathy and other causes is no joke. Hence, besides working with a neurologist, you might have to see a spine surgeon, an anesthesiologist and a physiatrist.

They will promote how you manage your pain medically. Additionally, you might require an occupational therapist to rehabilitate you physically. They can help you do certain exercises that will reduce your nerve pain. A psychologist may also appear in the picture, as they will help you cope with depression, stress and anxiety symptoms. As you might know by now, nerve pain is worse at night and it interferes with your sleep.

Without getting enough sleep each night your nerve pain management can become tougher. Prior to using nerve blocks and TENS the doctors may try prescription medicines. These drugs are antidepressants, anticonvulsants and local anesthetics. Antidepressants and anticonvulsants can be used together. However, there are side effects to be cautious of. To numb the pain directly without swallowing anything, you could use pepper creams.

They have a capsaicin herb, which causes pain relief after multiple uses. Some people stop using it after the first application because it seems to escalate the pain. It is advisable to ignore this pain as it would soon disappear. Most types of neuropathy issues cannot be controlled by morphine and other pain killers only.  A patient may have to take higher doses of opioids and these are addictive drugs. As a solution, you need a comprehensive therapy that will play a role to finally eliminate your suffering. Opioids are administered via an injection.

The same is the case with epidural steroids that are used with nerve blocks. What these do is to stop transportation of pain signals from the spinal cord to the brain. And the effect is no pain at all. There are times when the doctor will inject your trigger points, peripheral nerves, sympathetic nervous system, plexi and dorsal roots. Doing this allows the patient to enjoy a temporary pain relief.

Steroid injections tend to reduce nerve inflammation and pain. When local anesthetics are injected, they could break the pain cycle and get rid of chronic nerve pain. Opioids injections offer short-term pain relief, but they work effectively. Fluoroscopy or live x-ray is important when injections are being administered. It helps the doctor guide the needle into the right position.

How often the above-mentioned injections are offered depends on the degree of pain felt after therapy. If they are effective, the doctor might keep using the method. The problem is that there are side effects that most people cannot handle. If you want to use holistic therapy, start with neuropathy vitamins and herbs as you continue to manage the underlying cause.