(In roughly alphabetical order, and with World Without Borders (WWB) screen names when appropriate.)

World Without Borders is the premier web browser enabled conference and chat site on the Internet.

Angel, who appears on WWB as Angelswoop "and others I'm not willing
to divulge ; )"

Favorite quote = Lots!! : ) Here's one of many...
"I'm a freak. I know it. I accept it. I revel in it. It's my version of a country club: It weeds out a lot of people I wouldn't want to associate with anyway."

Canadian. Somewhat bilingual (German and English). Freelance writer. College student.

::wings fluttering anxiously until her return::


 bherenow works for a lighting effects company. Visit their website.

John Campbell (GCSKomrad, Komrad_General). Komrad is the Greeter for the My Mac Magazine Presents... conference series and cohort as Moderator for The Mac Show. He has his own web page. John is also a GCS (Global Community Staff) member at World Without Borders.

Bob McCormick (Bobbynow), Salem Religious Science Center. Salem, Oregon. Also one of our daughter Myree's best friends .


 Steven J. Murray (Tallon) & his family. Tallon is a free-lance graphics artist, and a falconer. He says, "My kids may look like their mom but they have my 'lively' spirit. (This scares me more than you can imagine.)"


 Jim Palmer is a 43 year old, single parent (of Janet, 15) who works as a programmer, database administrator, and network administrator for a gold mine in rural Nevada. He hangs out on World Without Borders, also using a number of aliases (Flemington, Duke of URL, Prints Valiant, J and JP) so it is not so obvious he has no life. Email at

Patti can be seen on WWB as GCSPatti and as patti_queenbee. She has her own web site. Patti is also a GCS (Global Community Staff) member at World Without Borders.

Tim Robertson, founder and Publisher of My Mac Magazine, a free online magazine. Tim is the sponsor and co-host of My Mac Magazine Presents... on Wednesdays on WWB.

Blake Schreurs appears on WWB as GCS Bane, NightBane, and Dracolytch. Blake is also a GCS (Global Community Staff) member at World Without Borders.

Eduard Schwan is a Macintosh software programmer, who sometimes appears on WWB as the smirky snide "Drakonis." He has a personal web page , and a Mac OS software web page. He is a long time member of the POV-Ray Mac OS Ray Tracer Team.