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There is hardly any SEO project conducted in this world that is out of the risk. Well, at www.rentnrank.com we understand this aspect very well, and also suggest our clients the same. We strive hard to remain honest with our clients and this is where the www.rentnrank.com sets itself apart from the other in this business. if you are searching for the most professional PBN service provider, then you have come to the right place. there are several procedures and metrics we use to follow while setting up the PBN for our client’s money website.

In this regard, first we offer a great importance to the spam check. When we are doing this, we use only the unique and compelling content so that the spam like element can be avoided. We also take proper steps, so that our client’s website can stay away from any kind of penalty. In order to perform the spam check, we offer a great importance to the anchor texts that are used while setting the PBN. Anchor texts from porn, poker, pharmaceutical sites and the sites based on foreign languages are avoided. Once these anchor texts are found, they are trashed instantly.

We follow the natural profile. We use to check the backlinks so that any signs related to the blog network; spam comment and spam directory can be avoided. If these things will be there, they it may look like that someone are doing the low level of SEO. And in that case this will trash it as well. There is always a great importance offered to the natural flow of the anchor texts.

When we are setting up the private bog network for our client’s money website, we use to pay attention towards the site that has no relevant content. There are such sites and they needs to be avoided while setting up the PBN. In order to do so, we use proper tools to identify those websites. When the content of that website doesn’t match with the domain name assigned for it, this is considered as an already used domain. just trash it.

At www.rentnrank.com, we follow all these steps in order to keep the whole work safe enough for our client’s website. This is what also making us the leader in this business. There might be several other offering PBN service but it’s our cautiousness that has always helped us to deliver great outcome for our clients time and again. Make sure no web sites link to the money sites as this will end up producing more footprint. Also, you have to vary phrase that you use as keyword in anchor text, which you link to a money site.  You need to occasionally use anchored text in links to money site and such texts include, visit, click here, and URL Make sure all your website has got limited posts daily. You post the single post on every web site daily.